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Cutting-edge experience tailored for gamers.

Maanta is a digital-led startup that bridges the gap between pixels and molecules. We transform the gamer's lifestyle from the inside out.  

Embrace the digital era lifestyle.

We craft a unique gaming environment meant to empower shopping experience. Users can own not only the picturesque virtual profile but physical products too.

Quickly improve your Alcove©

Maanta's all-in-one app designed for gamers that allow users to manage, upgrade and collect their real-digital products.

Access to Product setting by a Virtual Enviroment.

Maanta is giving full access to products setting via virtual enviroment.
Shop,Settings & Support in a all in one solution


"I firmly believe there is no difference between pixels and molecules. When we play, we feel emotions. And emotions it's what we call reality."

Filippo Mazzella CEO, Visionaire.


The future begins each day anew. Maanta came to reinvent our experience.

Maanta Design

We created a cutting-edge product to improve the gamers' lifestyle rapidly. Our team has done hard work to evaluate, design, and implement the organic design solution that enhances the gamers' experience. We offer an innovative adventure into digital by physical.

Maanta Alcove©

Our technology turns generic avatars into a customizable Alcove. Alcove environment can reproduce gamers' house, clothing, device, etc. Every product user buys for his Alcove, will be instantly delivered to his home.


Maanta Ego

Maanta benefits users with a digital alter ego integrated into real life. It is blurring the boundaries between real and digital products, helping people pay for one product, but receive two. The service completely integrates with Maanta sales, logistics, and support processes.  

Maanta Control

All product you will add to your alcove, it's designed to be controlled with the Maanta Control system.
You will select colors for your alcove, the colors will change in your home.

Maanta is an all-in-one service dedicated to change the way gamers buy. Basing on numerous behavioral researches Maanta includes both real and virtual goodies. The key difference of Maanta Technology is a complex syncing between gamers' digital and real-world - when you pick a product for your online avatar Alcove, you also got it for your real one. Alcoves are entirely configurable, from head to toe.

As physical products, Maanta offers top-notch devices with a fully customizable experience. Nowadays, there is a promising campaign on Indiegogo to crowdfund Maanta Wireless Charger. It's a LED-customizable smartphone charger with an organic design made especially for gamers. Device light color, frequency, and effects are fully customizable via software.

The main benefit of the Maanta solution is that it bridges the gap between reality and virtuality, and changes the way you shopping. Virtual profiles - Alcoves - is a neat and tidy place for gamer's alter-ego.

Maanta - FAQ    

Maanta is a creative technology startup wich design and produces Lifestyle Electronic, specifically tailored to gamers.

Maanta will be both a digital and product company that benefits users by creating them virtual profiles on the internal system.

Maanta let the user buy real&digital devices which are fully customizable via the MAANTA UI, called Alcove*. 

Maanta Alcove@ it's a new way of buying use and get support.

Once you downloaded the app for, you will have a virtual Avatar and a virtual Apartment in a Cyber environment, with a sharply futuristic style, if you want to buy a new smartwatch, you will just drag and drop the smartwatch on the virtual avatar hand, a timer for delivery will start, you now have only to wait for the new smartwatch.
With Alcove, you will also control the products, for example, if you want to change color on the RGB stripe, you will select the product in the Alcove then you will change the Aura Effect.

Alcove's much more. Our mission's to upgrade the gamers life, with new fresh products, and digital help, with Alcove, we will accomplish our mission 

Maanta, it's not only a product, but it will also be a new experience.
After downloading the app, you will be sky launched in a Futuristic dystopic world, where you can create your virtual Ego.  

Maanta is now prototyping the first Wireless Charger tailored for gamers and soon it will be available on IndieGoGo for selling.
After the IndieGoGo campaign is finished, you will buy the products directly from the App or authorized Reseller. 

Our product line it's quite big, and for now, it's not still open to end-users, but we are focused on Lifestyle products to improve the gamers' life, rather than a product for gaming.
We aim to create a new kind of gamers, with cool accessories that help while and not gaming. 

Our company will give premium support, with in-App support.

After you received a MAANTA product, you will add your product in the Alcove, and if the product it's defective, or you are not satisfied, you will highlight the product and select the support button, the support will reply to you.  


We've done an excellent job, but further, it is more things coming.

1 August 2019

The website has launched. We've started an equity funding and came on the public to share Maanta.

20 Febrary 2020    

Indegogo Campaing

Final product design and UI/UX has been finished.
Our first IndieGoGo campaign started for a wireless charger.

9 November 2020

Wireless Charger

Our first brainchild has come into a physical product. Gamers all around the world are enjoying the first Maanta product.

Are you fast enough ?

Maanta is a fast developing reality wich aim to change the gamers lifestyle!

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Filippo Mazzella

CEO - Project Manager

Mattia Marvardi

CEO - Product Designer

Francesco Panzarini

CFO - Financial


Via Dell Agora 1
Building C1B,
04100, Latina (LT)


Phone: +39 0773 60 90 15